The Registered Massage Therapist Difference!

The Registered Massage Therapist Difference!

Massage Therapist assesses you

Did you know that here in Ontario there are two classifications of massage practitioners?  There is the Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and practitioners who are not regulated.  So why should you book in with an RMT?

RMT Regulations Are In Place to Protect You

Like all other regulated healthcare professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, and psychotherapists, RMT’s are subject to rules and regulations.

Our regulatory body, the CMTO, has outlined numerous ‘standards of practice‘ that we must follow.  These standards govern every aspect of our business from how to apply a massage technique safely, to keeping complete medical records, and proper sterilization and sanitation of equipment.

By contrast unregulated practitioners are, well, unregulated.  This means they have no rules they must follow pertaining to your health or safety.  It is buyer beware.

Your Registered Massage Therapist Is Highly Trained

Did you know that Ontario boasts some of the most rigorous training for RMT’s in the world?  It takes 3 years to complete RMT training at the public college level.  All the educational facilities offering the RMT program are approved by our regulatory body and are accredited.

The RMT training program is very science based.  RMT’s graduate with a firm understanding of the human body and how to effectively assess and treat the musculoskeletal conditions that we see.

Unregulated massage practitioners have no educational requirements to enter the market.  That means that in Ontario there are some unregulated individuals massaging with absolutely zero formal training at all.

Ontario RMT’s Are Healthcare Professionals

Because our training is among the best in the world, Ontario is one of the few regions that classifies RMTs as legitimate healthcare providers.  This means your Registered Massage Therapist can:

  • Understand and interpret the results of your medical scans (MRI’s, CT scans, x-rays)
  • Thoroughly assess your condition and track your progress
  • Keep thorough medical documentation of your case
  • Confer with other healthcare providers about your case
  • Refer you to other healthcare providers if your condition requires

RMT’s Offer Better Value For Your Money

Because RMT’s are regulated healthcare providers we are able to write insurance receipts.  These receipts can be submitted to your extended health benefits for reimbursement under most plans.  But did you know there are several other ways RMT’s keep your total cost of treatment down?

  • Because we know how to thoroughly assess your condition an RMT’s treatment becomes more focused and precise.  This translates into fewer sessions needed to resolve your problem.
  • RMT’s will give you easy stretches and exercises to be done between your therapy sessions.  When done as instructed these exercises will dramatically hasten your recovery time.
  • RMT’s take time to educate our patients on how to manage their conditions.  This means identifying aggravating activities so they can be modified or stopped, helping you find the best sleep position for your injury, or helping you set your desk up ergonomically to reduce your strain while at work.  These measures result in dramatically faster healing times.

Do not be fooled by unregulated practitioners’ lower session costs.  RMT’s advanced training = better overall value.

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Rebecca Henry, RMT has been in practice since 2010.  She offers mobile massage, in-clinic, and corporate massage services.  Insurance receipts are available!

Last updated March 2, 2016


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