Neck Pain Treatment With Massage Therapy

Neck Pain Treatment With Massage Therapy

Neck Pain

Understanding Neck Pain Treatment

Treating neck pain begins with understanding the root cause of the issue.  Was the pain caused by a whiplash injury in a car or sporting accident?  Did you sleep in an uncomfortable position?  Is your posture a major factor?

Once the cause is uncovered, an assessment is performed.  This allows us to see how well your neck moves and functions.  The structures causing your pain will be noted, and these will become the focus of your treatment.

People with chronic neck pain often have poor posture.  Their shoulders are drawn forward.  Their heads are too far in front of their body.  When this occurs, the person’s neck muscles are placed under extreme stress.  They constantly contract to prevent the head from falling chin to chest.   The head is very heavy!  Eventually the muscles become very tired and strained.  This is often the root cause of chronic neck pain in individuals who have not had an injury.

In these cases we must correct the postural causes of the pain.  This involves releasing tight muscles of the pecs and shoulders along with the neck.

In cases where an injury has occurred isolating and treating the injured area(s) becomes paramount.  There are several structures that could be contributing to the pain you are experiencing: the joint, the muscles and the tendons/ligaments.  The assessment will determine which structure(s) needs the most attention.

Untreated Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be debilitating.  It can affect every aspect of life: health, work, or even the ability to enjoy time with friends and family.  For many Canadians, neck pain or whiplash injuries decrease quality of life.

If left untreated, neck pain can lead to other more serious issues.  Nerves of the neck can become pinched causing pain, numbness and weakness in the arms and hands.  Chronic neck pain is also associated with frequent tension headaches, migraines, and TMJ problems.  It is very important to seek neck pain treatment before further complications arise.

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