Corporate Massage

Registered Massage Therapist giving a chair massage in the workplace.

Employers and HR Departments

As an employer, you understand that the most important asset your company has is your people.  Productive employees steer your company forward and contribute positively to your bottom line.  However, at times a fast paced environment can be stressful on your people.  This stress can lead to various negative effects including decreased productivity, sick days and reduced morale.  Corporate massage can help!

How On-Site Massage Can Help

  • Massage decreases stress levels – Massage decreases stress hormones such as cortisol, while at the same time augmenting the brain’s ‘feel good’ endorphins such as dopamine.  For the recipient, this translates into a feeling of general well being.  Stress is diminished and your employees are refreshed.
  • Massage can enhance cognitive functioning – The Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami has found that on site massage helped participants solve math problems more quickly and with fewer errors than the control group who did not receive massage.
  • Massage therapy enhances immunity (translationfewer sick days) – Massage therapy has been clinically proven to enhance the number of Killer T cells and lymphocytes in the body.  These cells help the body stave off infection and fight disease.
  • Massage can help your employees manage the physical stresses of ‘repetitive computer syndrome’ – It is no secret that being at a computer all day is hard on one’s posture and hard on one’s body.  Carpal tunnel syndrome, low back dysfunctions, and neck pain can all result from excessive computer usage.  If you have ever had employees suffering from these ailments then you know all too well how these body pains can affect productivity and ultimately your bottom line.  Massage therapy is a proven way to decrease muscular tension and manage pain.  Once your employees feel better, they will work better.

How Corporate Massage Works

Chair massage is a great way to deliver massage in the work place environment.  A massage chair is relatively small and does not require a lot of space to set up.   Your employees will receive their massages fully dressed.  In addition, we do not use massage oil during a chair massage.  This means your employees will still look and feel professional once their massage has completed with no worry of getting oil on their clothing or body.

We can also do oil free over the clothes massage on a massage table.  This requires a little more space,but it opens up some additional techniques that can be used and can give your employees a more traditional massage experience.

You, the employer, decide how much time to purchase.  Most companies chose to buy 2-4 hours of massage for their employees.  This time is then divided up among the interested parties.  In general, each participant receives 10 – 30 minutes each depending on how many people would like a massage and the amount of time purchased.

For best results it is best to offer this service to your employees once a month.  This will become your employees’ favourite day of the month!  Your company will continue to benefit from the increased productivity and fewer sick days.  You can also have us come in for ‘one off’ special events or as a way to show your appreciation to your staff.


Unlike some companies who increase their prices for their corporate clients, our on site massage prices are the same as our mobile massage prices for private individuals.  You get all the benefits of massage therapy at a fair price.

$90/ hour

* suggested 2 hour minimum

Alternatively, you can have us come in and have interested employees purchase their own 30 minute massage.  A minimum of 4 interested employees are required.  Your employees will be issued an RMT receipt they can use for their extended health benefits.

$60 / 30 minute massage

Corporate Massage Service Areas

We proudly serve Hamilton and surrounding areas including: Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Grimsby, Waterdown, Dundas, Oakville and Beamsville.

Book your corporate massage today!  Call 289-684-4214 or email us.

– Updated March 3, 2016

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