Chinese Cupping Massage

Chinese Cupping Massage


What is Chinese Cupping Massage?

Cupping has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a variety of purposes.  Cupping Massage is a wonderful addition to any massage for those who like deep tissue massage.  It can be a stand alone treatment, or it can be worked in with other massage techniques.

This technique is an incredibly effective way to break down chronic muscular tension.  Most massage techniques apply a downward pressure on muscular tissue.  In contrast, Chinese cupping massage lifts tissue up causing the fascia and connective tissue to release.  It is therefore similar in some ways to myofascial release (MFR) techniques.

What Can Chinese Cupping Massage Treat?

If you are constantly experiencing tension in the back or shoulders, Chinese Cupping Massage is an excellent way to address these chronic issues.

In addition, cupping is an effective way to treat a variety of chronic conditions such as tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis (AKA heel spurs), frozen shoulder, ITB Contracture, or any other condition caused by a repetitive strain injury.

Types of Chinese Cupping Massage

There are two main types of Cupping Massage.  The more traditional way used in TCM involves applying several cups and leaving them stationary while they lift the tissue for several minutes.  This provides the most profound soft tissue release, however it can feel too strong for some individuals.   A Moving Cups Massage uses only 1-2 cups which are moved over areas of tension.  This is a much gentler approach, and it is still incredibly effective.  Because the cups are in motion, this type of Cupping Massage feels much more like a traditional massage.

Side Effects

Cupping does have some side effects not associated with regular massage.  Because the cups apply a sucking action to the tissue, they can leave a ‘hickey.’  This response is more pronounced in the TCM approach as the cups are left stationary in one spot.  In the Moving Cups option, this response is greatly diminished, however markings are still possible depending on your skin type.  It is therefore suggested to think about any events you have on the horizon before incorporating cups into a massage.  If you are going on a beach vacation, or need to wear a little black dress at an upcoming wedding, this would not be the best treatment option for you at this time.


Cupping can be incorporated into any treatment with Bodhi Massage at no additional cost.  You can choose to use cups over only a few body parts, or as a part of a full body treatment.

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