Chair Massage Has Many Benefits!

Chair Massage Has Many Benefits!

Registered Massage Therapist giving a chair massage in the workplace.

Chair massage is not just for special events or corporate massage.  They can be used in-clinic to deliver a superior massage therapy experience.

Chair Massage Is An Excellent Choice When:

  1. Laying down is uncomfortable.  In order to get the best results from your massage it is important that you be in a comfortable position.  Sometimes laying on a massage table for prolonged periods is simply not comfortable.  Perhaps your low back goes into spasm when you lay on your stomach, or you recently had a car accident and you just can’t get comfortable on a massage table.  In cases such as these a chair massage can be a wonderful solution.
  2. You have a sinus headache.  People with sinus headaches find it very difficult to lay on their stomachs as this encourages the sinuses to clog up further.  In these cases it is often best to remain up right while you receive your massage, and the chair allows you to do so.
  3. You don’t want to get undressed.  Chair massages do not require you to disrobe.  If you are shy about getting undressed, or would prefer to remain clothed for any reason, a chair massage could be right for you.
  4. You experience vertigo.  Some people experience severe vertigo that is aggravated when they get up after laying down on a massage table.  A massage chair eliminates the need to lay down and can thus reduce the severity of post massage vertigo.

Areas That Can Be Treated:

Chair massages are an excellent way to address upper body discomfort.  Your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp can all be massaged in the seated position.

Your legs can also get some attention in a chair massage, but if you have specific issues in your legs you wish to address via massage, the chair is usually not the best approach for these concerns.

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Rebecca Henry, RMT has been in practice since 2010.  She offers mobile massage, in-clinic, and corporate massage services.  Insurance receipts are available!

Last updated Feb 29, 2016

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