Are You With An Excellent Massage Therapist?

Are You With An Excellent Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist assesses you

All Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) are highly trained medical professionals.  How can you tell if you are with an excellent massage therapist who stands above the rest?

An Excellent Massage Therapist Encourages Communication

The hallmark of all effective therapist-patient relationships is communication.  Your RMT should encourage you to be open and honest about your massage therapy session.  This means soliciting your feedback about the pressure that is being used and allowing you to request any modifications in approach.

No question about your condition is silly or insignificant.  An excellent RMT will gladly answer all your questions and patiently address any concerns you raise.

An Excellent Massage Therapist Assesses

The number one best way to get to the root of your condition is to assess you.  RMT’s use various methods of assessment, such as Range of Motion (ROM) testing, special orthopedic tests or postural analysis.

Sometimes an assessment occurs before your treatment begins.  Other times it is possible for the RMT to assess you during your treatment.  Either way, the RMT should communicate the results of their findings to you.  This allows you to understand your condition and what is necessary to correct it.

They Empower You

An excellent RMT wants you to get better as quickly as possible.  They will empower you with all the tools and education necessary to get you back on your feet.  This means:

  • Showing you simple stretches and exercises to do between your therapy sessions
  • Helping you identify activities that you are doing that are aggravating your pain so they can be modified or stopped
  • Educating you about office ergonomics if being at your desk aggravates your pain
  • Educating you about the best sleeping positions if sleep aggravates your pain
  • Educating you about your condition so you can understand how it came about and stop its progression

Knowledge truly is power.  An excellent RMT empowers you with knowledge so you are less dependent on your massage treatments.

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Rebecca Henry, RMT has been in practice since 2010.  She offers mobile massage, in-clinic, and corporate massage services.  Insurance receipts are available!

Last updated March 2, 2016

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